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InfluenceGrid gives you in-depth insights on any TikTok profile. Analyze, track and measure TikTok performance in a click.

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Search influencers by niche, location, follower count and engagement rate. See detailed statistics and recent videos of every influencer.

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Unlimited Searches

There are no search limits on any of our plans. Use the TikTok username search as much as you need to.

TikTok Analytics

Utilise metrics such as posts per day, engagement rate and follower count to assess who to work with.

Average Video Views

After finding someone through a TikTok username search, see the average number of video views they get. InfluenceGrid is the only tool with this data point.

Instagram & Youtube Usernames

Use an influencer's Instagram and YouTube usernames to check out their wider social presence.

See Recent Videos

Discover the type of content someone posts by viewing 20 recent videos for every influencer profile in our TikTok search engine.

Create Custom Influencer Lists

Save lists of search results of the TikTok finder for future reference.

Export Search Results

Download results of a TikTok username search as a CSV file. Every datapoint is included, such as niche, engagement rate and bio.